27 Years Experience

Belton, TX, Temple, Killeen Georgetown and Surrounding Communities


I was in a car accident over nine years ago that caused damage to the muscles in my neck. I had suffered daily headaches and even visual migraines as a result of the injuries. I was desperate for help, while the thought of ever feeling normal again was fading.  I had tried muscles relaxers, steroid injections and physical therapy in the past with no lasting results. I then turned to chiropractic and acupuncture as a last resort.  After just one treatment of acupuncture I felt the muscles in my neck begin to relax and was able to receive chiropractic care to again align my cervical vertebra. I highly recommend Mr. Blakely’s help for anyone who is suffering like I was, and is ready for relief.  

- Jeannie G.

I started having pain in my upper back and hip. There were days that the pain would range from a 6 to a 7. After I received acupuncture from Mr. Blakely, my pain started to subside and I began to feel better. Acupuncture has really helped me with my back and hip pain.

- Belinda

Before starting treatment with Mr. Blakely, I had constant neck/upper back pain that caused daily headaches. Within the first couple treatments, I could tell a huge difference from the electrical acupuncture. Each visit was very relaxing and pain free. My experience has honestly been life changing because I have been headache – free after working with Mr. Blakely, which is something I haven’t felt in quite a while!

- Kailey

For years I have had chronic nerve pain in my left shoulder; pain that despite everything we tried, would not go away and was nearly unbearable. Finally, in my search for relief I found acupuncture. At first, it seemed scary – after all, getting a bunch of needles stuck in you doesn’t sound very relaxing. But after the first few treatments I was hooked; acupuncture really barely hurts and is very relaxing. More important, it’s the only thing that makes my chronic pain manageable. Thank you Mr. Blakely!

- Naomi